A certain Je Ne Sais Quoi

As social media and the internet continues to blossom with an overload of choices guided by media stars who are trend lighters that establish what feel in lifestyle is in or out, there remains that group of following who continually find ways to exist and represent themselves in variant unique ways different from fads. This is seen in their taste, choices and often times the way they want to be represented by the clothes they wear, the music they listen to and their taste in food.

In this light, Josh Amor returns with a collection that seeks to address the needs of a contemporary gentle man with taste that is refined, luxurious, and intuitive. The collection is replete with suits, all cut in clean classic styles and stitched in the finest of velvet’s with colours reminiscent of traditional court attires of Royalty and Kings Men. For this collection the brand goes back to its signature essence which is tied to its ability to execute menswear that is unrivalled in sartorial excellence; body enhancing skylines, strong shoulders, inquisitive necklines, tailored trousers and a relaxed styling, all come together to tell a unique story of what our thoughts and offer for a man’s wardrobe should be this season.

A Certain Je Ne Sais Quoi defines the taste of men who ooze confidence and assurance that cannot be rivalled. He is simple, elegant and natty. His wardrobe choices are characterisque to him; unusual yet straightforward, seemingly basic yet sophisticated, unassuming yet glamorous. He has that brilliance that hits you, a certain SPARK that is unexplainable and can never be unnoticed.

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